Handmade silver jewelry

Because you are special!

Our promise to you!

Genuine 925 sterling silver

Every piece of jewelry that you find with us is made of real 925 sterling silver. Of course, our jewelry is waterproof and does not stain. Of course, our jewelry can tarnish. You can find out what you do then here.

100% handmade

Everything you find with us has been made by hand for you. Our goldsmiths love traditional craftsmanship and create our great pieces of jewelry for you. That means everything you find here is unique.

Already over 60,000 satisfied customers

Over the last few years, more than 60,000 customers have trusted us. It all started with Dawanda and we are now represented on almost all well-known platforms. We are very proud of this number. Thanks for your trust.

Real natural stones

We only use real natural stones. Nature is wonderful and diverse, which is why every stone looks different. In case you're wondering why the stones don't look the same. Now you know. Air pockets are also completely normal.

You have no risk

Not only the shipping is completely free for you. Both the outward and return shipping, but you also have 30 days to send back the things you don't like.

Suitable for allergy sufferers

Since each piece of jewelry is made of real silver, it does not contain any toxic or harmful substances, making our jewelry suitable for all skin types. If you have had problems with other jewelry, then we may have the right jewelry for your skin.

Silver jewelry handmade

Our silver jewelery is handmade especially for you. The craftsmanship of the goldsmiths is thus in every single piece of jewelry. By using real natural stones, every stone is just like nature made it.

many options

For every outfit

Thanks to our wide range and the large selection of stones, you will find the right piece of jewelry for every outfit.

Jewels handmade for you!